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Jumat, 05 November 2010


by : Cierpicki, Steve, Faulkner, Margaret and Rungie, Cam
(Published by : Marketing Science Centre, University of South Australia, pp 362-376)

The majority of research published on market segmentation prescribes how segmentation should occur but fails to connect theory with current practice. This paper consolidates and then reviews eleven criterion claimed within the literature as important when selecting variables to segment markets. The relevance of these criterion is then ascertained from an ‘expert’ panel of practitioners. The expert panel were also asked to comment on how different groups of variables – demographic, behavioural and cognitive variables – rated against these criterion. Practitioners were found to prefer using demographic variables over behavioural and cognitive variables but also acknowledged a weakness of demographics in predicting important elements of buyer behaviour. Also highlighted was a lack of understanding of some segmentation principles and their implications by ‘users’ of segmentation studies. This suggests a need to strengthen the link between market segmentation practice and theory.

It is claimed that market segmentation is one of the most important concepts in the study of marketing (Dickson, 1982). Therefore, it is not surprising that the literature contains much discussion on the process of market segmentation, including guidelines for how segmentation should occur in theory. However, less work is documented on the practice of market segmentation, the needs of management or the most appropriate variables to use (Wind, 1978). This paper attempts to provide a link between management practice and marketing theory by consolidating and then reviewing criterion purported in the literature to be useful in the evaluation of variables used to segment markets. The theory behind each criterion is briefly explained with supporting evidence cited from the literature. The relative importance and current application of each criterion is then discussed based on the results of interviews with a panel of ‘experts’. This included rating the ability of different types of variables (demographic, behavioural and cognitive variables) against the criteria. Overall insights and conclusions regarding the use of variables in market segmentation are provided. . . . . . . . . . (baca_selengkapnya )

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